RelishStudio Projects

We’ve worked on many projects over the years. You can browse all of the ones we featured on the site in this section. Some notable ones are directly below for your viewing pleasure.

Quintess website design


Quintess, a premier destination club specializing in incredible homes in exotic locations, relies on Relish for all their Flash design and development, site creative maintenance and general development and consulting. VIEW PROJECT

Herman Miller design

Herman Miller

Relish took a very dry presentation for the hair-splitters within the research and development team at Herman Miller and made it fun. The only asset we were provided was a paragraph of copy in an email. This is a good example of how Relish can leverage simple, compelling motion graphics to help people understand a … Continued

Harvester game design

Pepper’s Ghost

Relish created a set of 5 games for Pepper’s Ghost Productions in London. These games integrate into their “Tiny Planets” universe – a place where kids can communicate and play fun games that make them think. (Take that Mario Cart!) The Harvester goes to 5 different planets to gather seeds of rare microscopic plants and … Continued

Dredd Game design

Dredd Speed

This is the latest version in the Dredd franchise developed for Boy’s Life. This takes the first version of the game to a whole new level. Players can create a customized Dredd Speed character and save all their custom settings and game progress. Game strategy has become essential to win. Spend your money wisely or … Continued

Case Logic design

Case Logic

This motion graphics project was designed to kick off Case Logic’s yearly dealer meeting. We worked with our friends at Darwin, Inc. to provide a complete solution for the client.

Alticor website design


This animation was created to show the potential benefits of a mysterious new technology dreamed up by the smart folks at Alticor. This is a good example of a stylized look that honors the concept as the main focus instead of the animation itself.

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