Renewable Choice Energy

We worked with RCE on both their Residential and Commercial sites and
provided design, development, eCommerce, strategy, and 3rd-party integration (SalesForce, merchant accounts, etc.) services. Prior to our engagement, RCE had no eCommerce solution. Our implementation enabled them to sell online for the first time.

With only a few weeks remaining in the development cycle prior to a hard deadline punctuated by a national marketing campaign and corresponding media buy, Relish was presented with a new requirement to integrate the website and third-party shopping cart with Renewable Choice Energy’s internal Salesforce data tracking system. With a “no-fail attitude,” Relish took on the task and went to work on a solution. Work was already done to integrate the chosen CMS system for the website with the third-party shopping cart so we were tasked with creating a solution to incorporate the client’s new requirements without losing the time and effort already invested in the project. Relish accomplished additional research, reworked the back-end database schemata and code, and determined all possible hooks provided by the third-party cart to complete the project. Only a slight shift in timelines was required to get the site launched in time to meet the media buy deadline. Our ability to integrate existing technologies with new systems saved the client money and helped to streamline their operations and Relish now has extensive experience working with the Salesforce API.