Maximum Enthusiasm Podcast

Going from idea to 5-star rated podcast in under a year

Strategy, set-up, and editing of a kickass, new podcast


The Maximum Enthusiasm podcast is designed to explore living one’s life fully optimized. On each episode, host Megan Hottman sits with different influencers and positive people who are maximally enthusiastic, fully optimized, best life followers! Megan currently has a large backlog of episodes available for listening and 5-Star review on iTunes and Google Play.


Megan had never started a podcast before but was interested in an interview format and concept to introduce awesome people doing awesome things. Megan’s background as an athlete and entrepreneur made her want to create a solid product out of the gate. Because this project was starting from scratch, Megan did not have equipment, knowledge, branding, or support systems in place. Approaching Relish studio, Megan asked for support in learning and developing a solid program that would engage her audience.


Because Relish did not focus primarily focus on podcast production at the time, we leveraged our standard processes and apply them to the podcast. Starting with Relish’s structured intake process, we were able to identify and understand Megan’s needs and where her skills landed. From there, Relish worked to provide support through research, asset creation, podcast editing, and general marketing advice to allow Megan to excel at booking and interviewing her guests. After overcoming some initial technical hurdles around equipment and how to best set up and record optimal audio, we were able to help build a podcast that attracted a faithful audience, spun up nearly 30 episodes in its first 4 months, and achieved a 5-star rating on iTunes.


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Had- and continue to have- amazing experiences working with Stu at Relish. Logo design, newsletter creation and compilation of info we collect via those e-mailings, and now the editing of a new podcast… these guys are pro – top notch…
~ Megan Hottman, Founder

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