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A More Personal Approach

Crafting a new website to emphasize security, regulatory compliance and brand personality in a modern world.


RS Asset Management was referred to Relish Studio to build a sleeker, more personal website that better reflected their values. The financial consulting institution works with high-wealth individuals in the Greater Denver/Colorado Springs area and beyond who are looking to lay the groundwork for successful financial freedom.

RS Asset Management had an existing site, but they weren’t happy with it; the previous site felt antiquated and impersonal—it could have been for any brand or any kind of industry. They wanted a welcoming, engaging website that better reflected their unique values and appealed to a wider, modern audience.

Plus, there was a huge disconnect between the existing site and RS Asset Management’s brand standards. They needed to align their site with their messaging as part of their ongoing brand and marketing strategies.


The site that the RS Asset Management team was after needed to strike a careful balance. They wanted to position themselves as the authority on wealth management, but ensure that visitors were the ones who saw themselves as the hero. On every page, they wanted their website to say:

“These guys know what they are doing and help you get where you want to go”

As is the case throughout the financial industry, RS Asset Management’s new site had to meet all kinds of regulatory compliance restrictions from end to end. In addition to required security features, even the verbiage throughout the site all had to be closely monitored to maintain compliance.

The Relish team worked closely with RS Asset Management to create content for the site that pushed the envelope when it came to sharing a personality without crossing any lines, all while getting the site ready to go live in a fairly short period.


Relish Studio and RS Asset Management connected over the sharing of very similar ideals; a mutual passion for the same sort of desired outcomes. Like the concept of wealth management, where a financial advisor helps clients find ways to make their money work harder for them, Relish Studio built a site based on the principles of inbound marketing; a site that will continue to generate business for the RS Asset Management team moving forward.

The work began with an in-depth period of exploration, where Relish learned the processes and philosophies of RS Asset Management. Relish spent time investigating:

  • How the business is structured
  • How RS Asset Management engages with others
  • What sets RS Asset Management apart

This information was used to build a highly personal site; one that was full of vibrant personality and industry expertise.

The entire website was crafted around positioning RS Asset Management as a modern, knowledgeable guide, leading the hero—the client—towards their desired financial freedom. Together with the RS Asset Management team, Relish built a website that took the consumer through the entire journey: Developing empathy, sharing expertise, demonstrating brand differentiation, and outlining a process to set RS Asset Management apart as a one-of-a-kind ambassador towards a brighter financial future.

Additionally, the Relish team brought the site up to brand standards so that it works as a streamlined part of their ongoing marketing strategy. At the end of the day, Relish and RS Asset Management had a smooth collaboration because they share similar convictions:

No matter what kind of profits, results, or metrics a business has, people still want to work with people. The new RS Management site facilitates an opportunity to inject personality and craft a story that positions the firm authentically; as a wealth management team that is empathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable.

The resulting site is warm, inviting, and feels far less stodgy—and that is sure to pay off in the long run.

Currently, Relish is providing RS Asset Management with consulting work on their inbound strategy, marketing opportunities, and the health and security of their website. The next step? Building in more opportunities to engage with an even more targeted audience.


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From first discussion to launch, professional as well as providing valuable insights. Flexible, on time and you can depend on them. They do what they say and it is a pleasure to work with them. The website reflects the story well. Highly recommend.
~ Bob Roark, Co-Founder and President

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Before/After comparison - RS Asset Management website
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