Brightstar Accessories Group Case Study

A different kind of training—and a different class of results

The world’s largest specialized wireless distributor saw an opportunity to help dealers increase accessory sales—and turned to Relish Studio for help.

The Who

Brightstar Accessories Group

Brightstar serves 200 mobile network operators, 40,000 retailers, and 15,000 enterprise customers around the world—distributing wireless products, helping businesses promote and sell accessories, recycling product, and even offering protection, replacement, trade-in and financing services.


As wireless products and services require more and more technical knowledge to sell them, a new kind of sales person is needed: one who can stay on top of current trends and advise customers instead of blindly recommending one-size-fits-all products.


Relish combined a content management system with ecommerce options in a password-protected site that helped mobile accessory sales staff test-drive free products as a reward for completing training.


Sales staff grew much more knowledgeable about their offering. The Relish solution was an astounding success, helping drive a .44 lift in mobile accessory attachment rate.

The challenge

Brightstar began the Accessories Academy (also known as “Jump Start”) program to expand on their existing training programs. The goal? Offer customized mobile accessories training to individual participants.

The solution

The Accessories Academy was launched as the central destination for information about the program, training resources, news and articles. It also boasted an ecommerce store where participants completing the program could get free merchandise.

Relish Studio created a dual-use platform that combined the robust functionality of the WordPress CMS with the ecommerce power of Shopify to build a protected, graduate-accessible ecommerce system.

The results

Launched in 2015, the Accessories Academy training portal has served over 700 orders to participants.

“While they were working with us on another project, we engaged Relish Studio to help launch the central hub for our Accessories Academy training programs. It was an easy decision to continue partnering with Relish.”— Brightstar

The bottom line

Our ongoing marketing, social, and content strategy services have helped Accessories Academy evolve into an industry-leading sales training tool—one that has garnered significant praise within the consumer electronics accessory marketplace.