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Creating An Easy To Use Website To Further Improve Outreach and Engagement

We built a new site and branding to help those seeking to participate in an experiential education program to connect with available programs.


Learn Through Experience (LTE) is a Denver-area non-profit that works to provide resources to individuals seeking to connect with organizations that provide experiential learning services. As part of the Association for Experiential Education, LTE strives to create opportunities to broaden the reach for its partner organizations and help those seeking to engage with an experiential education organization find resources quickly and easily.

LTE had a strong desire to create a new website that would enable its parent organization, the Association for Experiential Education, to increase the reach for its partner programs and facilitate connections between these service providers and the general public. LTE wanted its website to highlight the vast amount of connections and partners they work with. Because of how quickly their partners were updated and how many people would be working on the site, Relish had to create a database solution that would allow the LTE staff to quickly and easily update partner information on the website. They wanted the website to become an anchor for their outreach and engagement efforts.


To successfully create a new website that would address the database needs for both the LTE staff and visitors to the site, Relish had to craft the data structure and search features to enable LTE staff to manage their partner information as well as allow visitors to search and gain access to partners to contact for their services.

Given the untested, start-up nature of this project coupled with AEE’s status as a non-profit, Relish needed to work within LTE’s budget and timeline to keep costs down but go to market as quickly as possible.


To approach this project, Relish created a new logo for the organization and developed outreach strategies, online presence, and supported organic search leads through SEO services, inbound marketing, and paid search efforts.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome was creating an easy to use database for both staff and visitors to the website. Relish helped to develop a database and search mechanism within WordPress that helped LTE staff easily update the site when new partner organizations came on board as well as designed a user-friendly interface and search mechanism for site visitors to use to narrow down resources that best fit their educational needs. The new database was also designed in a way that allowed strong search engine listing opportunities so that potential partners could find the client resources they needed through searches.


Within the first year, the new LTE site’s traffic grew to attract over 3500 visitors per month and created over 8000 connections per year for its partner organizations.


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Relish Studio is a valuable partner for AEE, helping us in a wide range of areas including web site design and development, digital marketing strategy, product pricing strategy, and growth opportunities. They are also a helpful connector to other resources and individuals.
~ Rob Smariga, CEO

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