Your Superpower Can Also Be Your Kryptonite

Big moves can be scary.

I have definitely experienced the fear associated with “trying to get it right” all the time which produces a full stop in the decision-making process (paralysis), overplanning (manufactured paralysis), or delays that result in missed opportunities (effective paralysis).

I worked with a client last year who was stuck.

She came to me for assistance with marketing coaching to gain a fuller understanding of ways to market her business more and get her marketing “right”.

See, her superpower is perfection. Her commitment to getting everything perfect for her business and her clients has helped her accomplish great things. This superpower has gotten her where she is today.

However, her commitment to perfection was also her kryptonite – keeping her from making bold moves quickly to take advantage of opportunities that require fast action.

While working together, I helped her see things from a different perspective.

We worked to create confidence and clarity to make big decisions in the absence of “perfection”. To be able to speed up the process to take advantage of opportunities that required bold moves.

In 9 months, she made 3, big moves that changed her life.

None of these was “perfect”. But in the absence of action, she’d still be seeking perfection back at square one rather than making moves WAY further down the game board.

Are you seeking to be freed from the tyranny of “I don’t want to screw this up” – from the overthinking that results in missed opportunities?

If this sounds like you, I can help. Get in touch and let’s talk.