Combatting Impostor Syndrome: You Are Enough

Twins lying down near the window with one holding a book.I had the pleasure to help coach a friend this morning who is contemplating a career change.

Like many of us, she expressed the concern that she might not be ready… that there is someplace she needs to “get to” before taking this next step in her career.

(But here’s the truth: she IS ready. Titles – or lack thereof – do not always convey the breadth of the talent one brings to the table.)

Many people (myself included) suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time. EVERY person who has become a manager, Director, VP, etc. at one point created the opportunity to fill that position for the very first time – devoid of having demonstrated that “experience” before.

Sometimes it just requires looking at one’s work and life experience from a slightly different perspective. No, she has never held a position with “manager” as part of her title, but when reviewing what she *has* accomplished during her career, all the needed skill set boxes were checked. Once we peeked around the corner a bit, we were able to see how effectively she has “managed” despite not having that title.

So here’s what I would recommend for you (and it’s part of my own, daily creation of myself)… whenever imposter syndrome raises its head, simply notice, forgive yourself for judging yourself as not ready, and outline the new reality. Mine is, “There is nowhere I need to *get to*. I have already arrived.”

Now go out and create that new opportunity from that place of BEing.