Three Business Takeaways from My Dirt Bike Adventure

That’s my buddy, Bob, in the photo. He’ll be 70 this year and absolutely schooled me all day.


Last weekend, I chased some fellas around the mountains near Crested Butte on dirt bikes for about 6 hours. I was definitely in over my head a bit at times and had an absolute blast.

Here are three business takeaways from my decidedly non-business-ey adventure last weekend.

1. We couldn’t have done this alone. It took teamwork to get through several interesting sections of the trail. We had to cross several steep snow fields (yes, there’s still some snow up high), and without a team, we couldn’t have gotten that done.

2. Sometimes you have to get creative. At one point in the ride, I found myself wallowing around in a creek alone (don’t ask). The combination of a tricky entry/exit to the obstacle and my getting pretty gassed picking my bike up 9 times led to me really being a bit stuck. After getting more and more tired of attempting the “correct” exit, I had to get creative and work out a different route around the obstacle. Sometimes you have to break from normalcy to get things done.

3. When you push your boundaries, what was once deemed “hard” becomes significantly less so. My definition of “really hard” has changed after our adventure. Now that I have raised the bar, some of the “really hard” trails I normally ride will seem easy (or at least easier). Push your limits to change your perspective.

What have you done lately outside of business that can be applied to your approach within? Let us know by dropping us a line!