INSPIRE to quick revenue wins

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Looking for ways to drive quick revenue wins?

If you’re like most organizations, you’ll find the lowest-hanging fruit—and the quickest path to a cash infusion—comes in the INSPIRE phase of your stakeholder lifecycle.

INSPIRE is the phase where you transform your contacts and clients into repeat participants in your programs, leaning on these existing relationships to get repeat and referral business.

It’s always easier to sell to someone who has purchased from you before. You don’t have to go through the initial phases of engagement—ATTRACT, BOND, and CONNECT—to try to get people to know, like, and trust you. Nor do you have to convince them to try your services for the first time—always a difficult prospect. After all, they’ve already passed through these stages with you.

“But what if they aren’t ready to engage or purchase again?”

That’s ok— the relationship you’ve built enables you to ask them to help spread the word about your talents.

This can look like any number of requests, including introductions (referrals), shout-outs (on social or to their list), or even opportunities for you to supply content for them to use in their own marketing that points back to your organization.

There are SO many ways to supercharge your referral network:

  • Offers (which can even take the form of a direct, “we love referrals” ask)
  • Building out a Referral Partner Network (connecting a group of people who can keep their eyes open for introduction opportunities)
  • Internal referrals (creating an incentive-based system for your team to introduce new business – or talent), and more

Here’s a real-world example of a Partner Program in action…

Chris runs an HVAC service. He and his team work dozens of jobs a month and connect with property owners and managers all over the metro area.

Being in this field of business also means that Chris has developed friendships with a number of other business owners in the area. He knows an electrician, an owner of a roofing company, someone who does spray insulation, and more.

On each of the jobs he runs, Chris hands out business cards of several of these “friendly businesses” to the job manager (or property owner, if that’s Chris’ direct contact).

Though they may not be in need of a roofer today (for example), they may need one in the future and this warm introduction from a trusted vendor makes it much more likely a connection will be made.

And Chris’ network does the same for him.

Struggling with quick-win tactics to accomplish your revenue goals? Reach out to discuss options and let’s see how we can work together to turn the corner on INSPIRING your stakeholders.