Shiny Squirrel Syndrome: Eliminate distractions for peak performance

A squirrel munching its food

I suffer from what I call “shiny squirrel syndrome.”

My ability to become distracted is something I’ve come to grips with. And I go to great lengths to make sure I can stay focused.

Removing distractions (or at least minimizing them) is part of my daily routine. For example, (thanks to advice from Townsend Wardlaw) I book out my calendar to help make sure I stay on track.

Yesterday, I got a fresh to peek into what I’m (not) missing while on a Zoom call. One of the participants was sharing their entire screen (#Protip: Avoid doing that.). Every few seconds they received a popup up alerting them to a Slack message, or an email coming in, or some news alert… it was a really interesting look into some of the things I have been doing right (at least for my own efficiency’s sake).

We live in a noisy world with everything battling for our attention. By reducing the ability for all that noise to get into my bubble, I’ve greatly improved my ability to perform at my peak. Booking out my time, turning off alerts, shutting down email… these are some of my tricks.

What are some of yours?

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