Everything Exists as a Resource for Creation

Star Wars legos holding a wire to connect to a phone.Everything exists as a resource for creation.

Last week was rough. We had some shakeups on the team, one of our great Account Managers caught COVID and needed to take some time off… things, overall, were not going smoothly.

I admit I did not handle this particularly well. My emotions ranged from self-flagellation and internalization of every problem and how I was letting everyone down to “let’s just burn it all to the ground”.

Fortunately, I also had the option to pause and see what could be created amidst all the chaos. I took time to talk with my wife, go for a hike with my good friend and an amazing #coach Jeff Kinsey, and sit with myself to see how to shift my perspective and my BEing (thanks Townsend Wardlaw for the exercises and wisdom), and CREATE with everything that had presented itself before me (and, Townsend would suggest, was also there through my creation).

And a week later, things are sunnier. My team is firing on all cylinders, we brought some new people on who are simply crushing it, and well, what we are creating is amazing.

Yes, there will be times when things look pretty dire in everyone’s life. These, for me, are opportunities to see what I can create from what is available (or to make that which seems unavailable present itself!).

What can you create today? We can help you brainstorm. Get in touch with us here.