The Power of Being Present

A man standing in a wooden platform at shoreline.I love #movingmeetings.

Though our get-together wasn’t an official “meeting” (and was long overdue), I’ll count the fun hike in the clouds with Jeff Kinsey last night as a moving meeting.

See, Jeff is not only a good friend but a fantastic, intuitive #coach who helps people work through some of their toughest challenges to become their best selves. In both their professional AND personal lives.

I come away from every interaction with Jeff feeling more centered, calm, and knowledgeable about all aspects of my life.

Last night’s hike around the trails west of Nederland, Colorado was no exception.

We discussed his recent wins in his coaching practice (and home life), adjustments we are making here at Relish Studio to make us the best marketing firm on the planet helping good people do great things, and how business life and personal life can intersect to create even more thrust and synergy in every entrepreneur’s world.

And here’s the funny thing.

This morning, Jeff thanked *me* for helping *him* work through some things.

When one is present, asks good questions, and creates every moment with love, peace, presence, and ease… coaching can go both ways.

Jeff’s and my mutual commitment to *creating* in every moment combined to enrich both our lives. (Plus, we did it while getting a bit of outdoor exercise at the same time!)

So here’s my challenge to you: In the next week, see how you can adjust your BEing in every conversation to be completely present. Bonus points for taking some of your conversations to the next level by having them while in motion.