What’s the Best Tool? The One You USE

Discover the key to choosing the best tool for managing projects, content, and client relationships. Commitment to consistent usage is crucial.

“What’s the best [insert tool name here] to use?”

I get that question a lot, and a recent discussion with Aaron Wrixon brought the idea back to top-of-mind for me.

People LOVE tools and are always on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to managing projects (#pm), content (#crm), and client relationships (#crm).

There are certainly a LOT of options from which to choose when trying to select the right tool for the job (and for YOU). My pithy answer to this question is usually the following:

“The best tool is the one you can commit to USING.”

Some huge percentage of tools get purchased and then are never even taken out of their wrappers (metaphorically speaking). The best tool for the job is the one you are going to use today and with consistency moving forward.

You always have the option to switch things up if you find a tool to not be to your liking. But for today, just pick one, commit to using it, and see where it takes you.

Do you have a story about a tool you purchased and never used (or used once then let it languish in the bottom of your tool kit – *cough* that angle grinder I bought 17 years ago *cough*)?