Have you considered “Employment Marketing”?

In this day and age of competition for employees, organizations (both for- and nonprofits) need to go on the offensive when marketing to potential hires.

No longer can we expect people to come flocking to us for employment opportunities. I hear this every day in conversations with leaders:

  • “I had to repost that job because we didn’t get enough qualified candidates.”
  • “I can’t believe our new hire left after so little time with us.”
  • “I can’t find anyone who wants to do this job.”

Here’s the deal: it’s time to start selling to applicants in the same way you sell to potential customers.

Who is this job for? How will it make their life better? How do they get it? Answer these questions on your job posting or employment portal FIRST.

Then move on to answer the questions about differentiation.

What makes your company different from all the others out there fighting tooth and nail for the same candidates?

How well do you understand your ideal employee?

Maybe it’s time to get serious and create an “Ideal Employee Persona” to help fill your employee “sales” funnel.

Want to chat about how employment marketing might be the right solution to fill some of those open positions with your organization? Download our Persona Workbook or get in touch.