Make Your To-Do List Work for You

Most of us have a list.

Whether that’s built daily or just a running list of “stuff to do”, it’s there.

And on any given day, a ton of it remains undone.

At least that’s how many of us view that list. It’s a specter that hangs over our heads, shaming us into negative thoughts about worthlessness, ineffectiveness, and “not good enough-ness”.

But what if there was a different way to view this list?

First, you could shift your perspective around the list altogether, creating it not as a set of tasks that need to “get done” but a set of opportunities available for you to create with. An “opportunities list”, if you will.

Second, you could look at your list, not as an ordered, prescriptive batch of tasks to be accomplished but as one that allows you to scan and select those items that seem most fun/productive/easy to accomplish RIGHT NOW and let your current state of being focus your activities rather than the activities driving your focus. (Thanks to Jeff Kinsey for these little bits of insight.)

Third, at the end of each day, instead of judging yourself for all the items you DIDN’T accomplish, what if you looked at all the items you DID accomplish from your list each day? There are PLENTY of items both on and off your list that get done each day. Celebrate what got done rather than lamenting what did not. (Thanks to Sam Hoyt for this inspiration.)

Here’s the deal, we all get a ton accomplished on any given day. Sometimes life happens and that can derail the best-laid plans. Love yourself for all the greatness you create. The list will be there tomorrow.

If any of this sounds like something with which you would like some help, add “Get in touch with Stu” on your list and make that happen when it feels right.