Walkabouts and Mindset Shifts

Sometimes the best way to get some thinking done is to put yourself in a position to NOT think.

For me, one of the best ways to achieve this kind of clarity is to go on a walkabout. Just me and my pack and a loose plan of where I might sleep for the night but no real understanding of the route I was going to take to get there.

So when I felt myself sliding into the “I need a think” zone this past week, I packed up my kit and headed out.

I spent most of the second half of Saturday bushwhacking in the woods near my house. I knew I wanted to summit Star Peak and sleep on Thorodin Peak, but other than that, I had no plan. The going was slow and most of the time, I found myself not thinking much of anything aside from putting one foot in front of the other and looking for the best route up the mountain.

Occasionally, I’d catch a whiff of a thought or two… letting them go naturally, knowing the best ones would find a way to stick.

And here’s what I discovered.

First, I have an amazing life. I am fortunate to live exactly where I want to live with the person I love. Our cozy cabin fits our lifestyle perfectly. They say, “Live where you work or live where you play.” I do both and it’s fantastic.

Second, we have the opportunity to create the clients with whom we work. We can be actively selective and not every business has this ability. We work with some of the most inspiring people out there. Our clients are enthusiastic, committed, focused on making the world a better place, and eager to grow. Working with these types of people is inspirational, fulfilling, and fun. The more of this type of work we can do, the easier “work” becomes.

And third, the cross-section between these two understandings is where the magic lies for me. I have created a life where I get to live where I want and serve the people most aligned with my own desire to help make the world a better place. Who could ask for more?

But it wasn’t always this way for me.

I have spent a lot of time over the years focusing on controlling that over which I had no control. Worrying about being “good enough” or “far enough along”. I fretted about who had more than me, where the next opportunity was going to arise, and how happy I could be “once I got there.”

And I was tough to live with. Both for others and myself.

If this sounds like you, we should talk. And go on a walkabout.

(The photo above shows my view from my campsite.)