Improve Donation Conversion with a Value Proposition Statement

Cross the Finish Line

Want to improve your donation conversions?

Experience demonstrates that, for many organizations, adding some copy to your donation pages can improve your conversion rates. You see, unlike for-profit organizations, nonprofits have to battle friction throughout the donation process. The donor has to not only decide whether to give to your organization (rather than a different organization doing similar, or even vastly different work) but also has to overcome the (sometimes much stronger) “or not at all” friction.

We have found adding a couple of additional elements to one’s donation page further explaining your organization’s value proposition can be helpful to improve your conversion rates. Simply put, adding a value proposition statement that answers the question, “Why should I give to your organization rather than another one or not at all?” can help nudge donors to complete their transaction.

To supercharge your messaging, if you can frame your value proposition in terms of how your donors’ support will make them feel that’s even better. For example, a value proposition statement for a Denver-based food/farming organization might sound something like this: “You can rest assured that your support today for healthy, affordable, sustainably grown food will help build a better future for children and families in the Denver area.”

Just by adding some reinforcing materials to your general donation page, you should see improvements in your conversion rates (but test this for sure for YOUR audience!)

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