Want better email engagement? Stick to one thing.

A chess board with one bishop left standing.

If you’re like us, you’ve sent a LOT of emails over the life of your business.

From analyzing performance data, we’ve found a common element that helps increase email engagement:

Keep it simple.

A simple email tells ONE story or asks for only ONE thing. This gives a simple email tremendous value when compared to content-dense emails like newsletters.

  1. The simple email allows you to create a specific request for your stakeholders, instead of confusing them about what action you want them to take.
  2. Simplicity reduces distractions from the message you’re trying to share.
  3. Simple emails help develop trust and build a personal connection.
  4. Keeping things simple helps you create richer content to regularly share with your stakeholders. By narrowing your focus, you’re almost forced to spread messaging out over multiple interactions.

What kind of emails do you send? Content-dense newsletters or hyper-focused, more personal-feeling correspondence?

Feel free to let us know. We always love learning what works for people, and what we can share with others to help them out.