Working with Thought: Noticing Is the First Step

On any given day, each of us has over 6000 thoughts run through our heads.

From productive to unhelpful to silly, we all have thoughts. It’s natural to get distracted by one’s thoughts. I know I do. And here’s the deal…

…when you notice that you are having a thought and control your relationship with it (whether or not you will allow it to derail what you are working on), you have a better chance of staying on track and being productive at any given moment.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t give yourself some time to chase thoughts. That can be a worthwhile experience that can lead to significant breakthroughs. However, we don’t have to be victims of our own threads of thought.

So here’s an idea to come back to as you recognize you may be allowing yourself to be drawn away by your thoughts today to bring you back to focus:

You are enough.

If you would like to explore this idea further (or don’t believe me), get in touch.