Problem Solvers Create Problems

jigsaw puzzle

Do you self-identify as a problem solver?

Most eager, aspirational leaders do.

But here’s something interesting about calling yourself a problem-solver.

It puts you in the awkward position of seeing EVERYTHING as a problem in need of fixing.

I used to fit this bill to a t.

The world was broken and only I could fix it.

And man, that was exhausting.

So I did a being shift.

I noticed who I was being and how I was creating the world to fit that image.

I forgave myself for judging the world, and myself in this way.

And I shifted my perspective.

Now I see things differently.

Nothing is broken.

Everything is occurring exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

There’s no place I need to get “to”.

I do not need to fix the world.

Problems can so easily be seen as opportunities.

And now I’m an opportunity harvester.

In what ways do your defaults show up to create interesting perspectives in your way of being? Let us know by dropping us a line.