Pay It Forward

Two people holding each other's hand.Here’s a quick story about the power of creation.

Some time ago, Sam Hoyt gave me a call. After catching up a bit, he shared with me the frustration he was experiencing around an opportunity to invest in himself to join a year-long coaching program. I had recently signed on to be one of 5 people participating in this program (a decision which, for me, represented the largest investment I had made in my own growth and development since attending college many years ago) so Sam wanted to share with me his desire to join in.

I expressed my wish for Sam to join the group and inquired how he intended to come up with the funds to join us at our first meeting. “What are you going to DO to raise the funds?” I asked.

“Well,” Sam replied, “I guess I’ll start calling people and tell them about this opportunity and ask them if they would be willing to invest in me. I’ll tell them what a huge opportunity this is for THEM as the program will help me be the best outdoor industry rep on the planet. I’ll ask them if they would be willing to match the $500 I am putting forward to get into this program.”

“That’s a great start, Sam,” I replied. “What if I was that first person to invest in you?”

“No, no. That’s not why I called you.”

“I know. Check your Venmo.”

See, this was an opportunity for me to build upon the foundation I was already creating for myself. Before the year’s coaching had “begun”, it was already in action. I was creating.

And here’s what happened next… not only was Sam able to raise the funds to join us on that first day, but he was on a creative frenzy.

Just a couple weeks later, he was on a plane and sparked a conversation with a gentleman in his row headed to Denver for a job interview (let’s call him, “Joe”). Joe was struggling and needed some assistance to land this job. (The details have escaped me but he wasn’t sure where he was going to stay, needed some nicer clothes for the interview, or something like that.) At that moment, Sam was able to say, “Check your Venmo,” and send $200 to Joe to help him with his journey.

A couple of days later, Joe sent Sam a text, thanking him for his help. He had secured the job.

And here’s the deal… hearing this story made me realize that *I* was a part of Joe’s success story. Had I not invested in myself, I would not have invested in Sam, who would not have had the mindset to invest in Joe.

That’s why I am sharing this story today with you. You never know what benefits can arise from taking the time to help someone out. That initial burst of energy that comes from the first act of creation is just the catalyst for even more positivity. A simple act of kindness can spawn so much more. I am so grateful that Sam shared his story with me. I wanted to share my story with you to help you consider the impact *you* have made in others’ lives as well. And how those moments of generosity — creation — ripple out to the rest of the world.

Create powerfully.