I Am Alone: Dealing with Feelings of Solitude

Climber facing a difficult challenge

“I am alone.”

Have you ever had that thought?

Many of us (particularly those of us who have made a life out of getting shit done) have a hard time asking for and receiving help. We have the notion that we are the only people who can get {insert task name here} accomplished “correctly” and have embraced the edict, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

Even if we intrinsically know that we aren’t alone, we aren’t the first and only person to have ever experienced {insert problem here}, and that there are others – sometimes vastly more capable than we – out there to do the job, we default to DIY and then wallow around in the loneliness we, ourselves, have created.

It’s worth acknowledging when this happens and having a chuckle at it.

“There I go again… thinking that I’m an island.”

I combat this with the following declaration, which I say to myself at least a few times each day (especially when the feelings of solitude arise), “Help is always available to me, and I ask for it without shame or hesitation. I am not alone.”

Change is inevitable. There’s a LOT of work out there to be had. You are going to be ok.

How do you handle thoughts around being alone? If you are facing challenges with feeling like you are alone, let’s chat.

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