Dissolving the What Ifs: Where judgment is holding you back

Back in the 80s and early 90s, I raced road bikes.

Sean Kelly was a big inspiration for me and he was well known as a very tough rider – especially in the notoriously rigorous Spring Classics.

To this day, I recall his philosophy on training and how to know whether or not it’s too cold to train.

It went something like this: “You go out and do your training ride. Then, once you have returned home, you’ll know whether or not it was too cold.”

I’ve tried to hold that perspective ever since and apply it to more than just riding bikes competitively.

Often, we get too “in our own head” about life. Whether that’s posting to LinkedIn, picking up the phone and making a call, jumping on a business opportunity, or having a challenging conversation.

We allow our judgment to get in the way and follow the “what ifs” down rabbit holes that then derail our progress.

Instead of worrying about whether or not it’s too cold, just go out, get your ride done, and reap the benefits of having chalked up a new experience (or nailed that conversation that turned out to be “just fine”).

What are some elements of your life that you are pre-judging? Let us know by dropping us a line.