Create Your Own Experience

This morning, I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling.

Everything was showing up to me as a hassle. Like I was being put upon to take care of the world.

See, “being responsible” is one of my defaults. Throughout my life, I have felt burdened with responsibility for everything. From tasks to others’ feelings… everything existed for me as a responsibility.

So, when I felt that feeling arise this morning, I paused to reflect on it.

And here’s what I reminded myself: Every feeling I have exists as a creation from my own being. The feeling of responsibility comes from within me. It isn’t something manifested by the world. I make that and have the ability to unmake it.

So I did.

And that led me to a realization. Everything exists not only from my creation but as a resource for creation. Therefore, creation itself is regenerative. I create, which is then fuel for more creation.

We all have the ability to be little fusion reactors of creation. We have the ability to choose how we interact with our experience and if we don’t like our feelings about something, we can adjust our perspective. Our way of being around that situation.

If you would like to explore opportunities to shift your way of being in your world, give us a shout.