BEing Shifts Create Opportunities

Woman holding brown umbrella

I used to get angry when I would see trash in the woods.

Then I realized the only person that was being harmed by that reaction was me.

So I made a decision to just be happy that I get to make the woods more beautiful by picking trash up when I see it.

See, if there is one thing over which we have some control, it’s how we choose to BE in any given situation.

Certainly, we can choose to be angry, frustrated, or scared when a situation presents itself.

Or we can take a breath and recognize there may be a different way to BE in that moment.

A way that fosters joy and happiness.

There’s nothing my anger would do to remove trash from the woods. It was there already. There was no one else my anger was affecting other than myself.

So why be angry when you can BE happy?

Where are there places in your life where you can shift your perspective and produce different outcomes? Let us know how you’ve transformed your reactions into positive actions by dropping us a line.