Kindness is a virtue

Who has been kind to you in your professional life?

Could be a boss, co-worker, mentor… maybe even a stranger.

I have been fortunate to have been the recipient of many kindnesses throughout my professional journey. Townsend Wardlaw would encourage me to pivot my thinking to express these as opportunities I *created*. This is why I’ll share a quick story about how his kindness has propelled my growth over the past several years.

Townsend was introduced to me by Matt Jaffe (another fella who has always gone the extra mile for me). I was looking for help with sales and Townsend was first on Matt’s list of people who rocked it in this arena.

Over the next several years, Townsend has always picked up the phone, always gone out of his way to be patient with my inquiries, always offered his expertise to me in my journey to not only be a better salesperson but a better person as well.

His perspective on sales has shifted over the years to a more holistic approach – one where our business success is merely a component of our overall creation. Where business success is manifested by how we create ourselves everywhere in the world.

It’s a fascinating approach to being and if you are interested in exploring the idea more, I’d encourage you to reach out to me (or to Townsend directly) to learn more.

Through our relationship, I create myself in every moment with infinite patience, kindness, love, and compassion. And it was Townsend’s kindness that helped me get here. Thanks, Hermano.

What’s your story about someone being kind to you in a professional setting?

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