Investing in yourself

a piggy bank

Historically, I have had a default setting that allows my ego to chime in and tell me, “You’re not worth it.”

This shows up in a variety of ways, some more amusing than others (read: frustrating). Sometimes it manifests itself as denying myself nice things altogether (e.g. skipping out on purchases or experiences because “I don’t deserve them”). Or I have allowed this default to create situations where I spend hours trying to find the best deal on something that doesn’t even cost that much. (I once spent an hour trying to find a $10 discount on a $80 pair of pants, for example. (Man, that was silly.)

And, for a big chunk of my life, it showed up as a denial of investment in my health (mental, physical, relationship) and growth (business, for example).

However, over the past several years, I have played with this voice, denying IT the power to keep me from achieving greatness – for myself and my clients. First, through giving myself permission to ask for and receive help, then later through investing in regular coaching as a resource for growth.

I initially realized the power of coaching back in my days as an athlete (I’m still an athlete, just not one who competes in races anymore). I recognized that I perform at my peak and tend to remain injury-free when I have a partner – someone helping to guide my progress and hold me accountable. In a word, a coach.

With the support of a coach, I raced at the Collegiate Cycling Nationals, finished the Leadville Trail 100 run in under 25-hours, and ran a sub-3-hour marathon – just to name a few coaching-supported athletic accomplishments.

Despite the evidence of the power of coaching staring me in the face, it took a while for me to realize that coaching can be applied to virtually any component of one’s life. And after a period of denying myself this valuable opportunity, I have overcome my ego- and fear-based voice to take advantage of the value “life” coaching has to offer and am investing in myself like never before.

In recent years, I have seen that investment in myself creates opportunities and I have engaged with a variety of coaches over the past several years to help me up to my life and business game. I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to be my best self. In just the last year, I invested more money in my growth than ever before to develop new marketing skills and insights to help my clients thrive through investment as a member of the Duct Tape Marketing program and, most recently, investing in a year-long coaching program that will not only help me be my best in my personal life but provide an entirely fresh and enhanced perspective to improve my clients’ performance as well.

See, investing in oneself is an opportunity to bring an improved level of engagement in every relationship one creates. This means I am not the sole recipient of the benefits of this investment. In fact, you get to share in the bounty my investment creates. Not only does this focus on my personal growth and development improve my performance when working on client projects, but I have the ability and commitment to share the techniques learned through coaching with my clients, friends, and followers to help you create your best self as well.

As you can tell, I am committed to being the best Stu I can be, the best husband in the world, bringing my A-game to my clients’ growth and performance, and being the most powerful marketing coach on the planet.

Have you considered leveraging coaching as a means to ensure you continue (and accelerate) your growth and well-being?

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