A Game-Changing Tool for Your Website

If you’ve ever tried to make sense of Google Analytics, you’ll surely agree: It offers a lot of power, but it’s hard to harness that power unless you’re truly an expert.

Chief among our complaints—and probably yours—is that Analytics lacks an intuitive, visual way to see how someone moves around your site.
Microsoft saw an opportunity in this problem and developed Clarity, a tool that does exactly what Analytics is missing. With Clarity, you can see how someone actually moves through your website, and drill down into the pages and materials with which they interact most.

On top of this, Clarity introduces “friction” analytics, which are truly clever and useful reports that show you behaviors like ‘excessive scrolling’ or ‘rage clicks’ on your site. These are things that Google Analytics simply doesn’t collect.

However, the tool that really makes Clarity stand out from Analytics is “sessions.” Sessions records, as a real-time video, the mouse clicks, scrolling, and movement of every visitor to your site.

In other words, you can examine user behavior and how they interact with your page. Are users not hitting your CTA button? Now you can see that they aren’t scrolling far enough down the page to get to it. Have a video that isn’t getting plays? You can see in real-time when someone “rage clicks” a broken link.

This depth of user experience and behavior on your site will allow you to make more effective updates based on actual user experience instead of trying to extrapolate usage information by analyzing large volumes of data.

If you’re curious, here’s a promo video from Clarity:


Now, it’s important to note that Clarity likely isn’t a replacement for your current analytics suite. It doesn’t have the same scope of data points, for example, that something like Google Analytics delivers.

It is, however, a valuable addition to your current analytics toolbox. And the best part is that it is FREE. If you are interested in learning more about Clarity you can check out the tool here. https://clarity.microsoft.com/

That’s not an affiliate link, by the way. We’re just so excited by what Clarity promises nonprofits that we wanted to let you in on this game-changer. (Oh, and if you’d like assistance installing the Clarity plugin, we’d be happy to help.