Content Creation in the World of AI

ai robots inspecting boxes

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about content creation – especially in the realm of AI.

Here are my thoughts:

I think we are going to see a surge of pretty mediocre content to start (given how many are going to abuse AI). Once the search engines start to see time on site and bounce metrics go south, the algorithms will be changed to favor content that *actually* resonates with people’s needs, pain points, and desires… and people will have to move back to creating content that engages and provides tangible value.

Here’s the interesting deal… if you keep creating/commit to creating that type of content NOW, my guess is that you will benefit in spades once the algorithms change.

So keep creating great content. Be patient. Be consistent.

The rewards will come.

Share your thoughts—do you agree with the future of AI in content creation? How do you approach creating meaningful content? Let us know by dropping us a line!