4 Ways Strike Up a Conversation using Twitter for Business

Are your tweets going unnoticed to your followers? You’re not alone. As a business owner crunched for time, running a successful social media campaign can be a challenge.

Twitter’s value comes not merely in the number of followers you have, but by how engaged your followers are with your handle. Here are a few ideas on how to leverage Twitter for business:

Twitter for business logo

Number 1: Character Really Counts

Any of us that use Twitter, or know of it, recognize that you have a max of 140 characters to get your messages out there. Did you know that tweets that consist of 110 characters or less get a 17% higher engagement rate? The truth is, people have very short attention spans, so our best advice, keep your tweets short and straight to the point.

Number 2: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

If you need more action on your business’ Twitter handle, look no further than adding images. Tweets with images have been proven to drive 18% more clicks than those that do not include imagery. A recent study conducted by Buffer, found that tweets with images saw a 150% increase in retweets versus plain text without an image.

Twitter for business comparison chart

Number 3: Emphasize the Call to Action

This is where using the right words in your content will come in handy. Danzarrella studied which words were best for creating the highest Twitter engagement. Words like you, please retweet, post, blog, and free all saw high engagement with users.

Content on Twitter is very concise, so the best practice is to leverage words that will allow for the best engagement and bang for your buck.

Number 4: Utilize Hashtags

If you’re not familiar with hashtags, the motive is simple: Hashtags are essentially utility keywords used for collecting information and identifying trends. These trends are connected via a hashtag (#) . How can you use hashtags on Twitter for your business? Conduct research within your target audience using tools like Hashtagify to find popular hashtags that your audience may be using in their content and leverage these same hashtags in your own tweets to drive interaction and engagement.

User engagement has been proven to nearly double when you incorporate one hashtag in your content. Avoid using more than one hashtag in your content – user engagement has been known to drop at least 17% when two or more hashtags exists in a tweet.


Managing your social media strategy can be a daunting task. These tips will help recharge your social media strategy and pave the way to getting better results from your company’s Twitter handle.

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