Use Niche Social Media Networks to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

Marketing compleity

Tired of the endless surveys, analysis, and segmentation needed to identify the niche audience that will want to buy your unique product? Fear not – niche networks are here, and they make your job a million times easier.

For decades, people have looked to share experiences and interests with others who are like them. First there were clubs and meet-up groups, then listservs, chatrooms, and message boards, and now entire social media networks dedicated to people with specific hobbies, interests, and passions.

Niche networks are a great opportunity to connect with a highly targeted audience without having to survey, analyze, and segment the audience yourself. They give you the opportunity to be where your users already are, meeting them on their home turf.

With a more specifically targeted audience whose interests overlap with your brand, your message will be more likely to ring true and your conversion rates will be higher. Plus, you’re better off connecting with a highly targeted audience of a couple hundred rather than a fragmented, generic audience of a million+.

The niche network that will be the best fit for you depends entirely on your brand, but here are just a few examples that may get those creative juices flowing:

  • Nextdoor: The neighborhood social network (Hyper-local businesses – check it out!)
  • Untappd: An app for beer lovers that allows users to discover local microbreweries and pubs (Brewers & bar owners, listen up!)
  • Athlinks “Compete, Connect”: Athlinks is a network and race results database for competitive endurance athletes (Fitness brands, you seeing this?)
  • GoodReads: A book club app and rating service for all the bibliophiles out there (Authors, publishers, booksellers – pay attention!)
  • StachePassions: For mustache lovers everywhere + a dating site! (When we said targeted audiences, we meant it) These are just a few of the many different niche networks on the world wide web.

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