Creating Through Commitment

I’ve always been a planner. It’s one of my superpowers and has served me well thus far in my life.

However, sometimes our superpowers can get in the way.

My planning power often keeps me from taking big steps.

Needing to know “how” I am going to get things done can get in the way of making bold commitments. These days, I don’t need a “plan”, I create from commitment.

I define “commitment” as something that lives beyond what I know is probable but not to the point that I know is impossible.

It’s that zone where I can say, “Yeah, I can see that is a possibility, but not a certainty. I don’t know HOW I’ll get this done, but I can see that it CAN be.”

That’s where true commitment lives.

When I decided to run 100 miles in one go, I’d never raced farther than 5 miles. And I did that nearly 20 years prior. I’d never actually run more than about 12 miles in any one go. I certainly didn’t have a clue how to run 100.

So I got committed.

I didn’t finish the first time I tried (which is another fun item for discussion at a later date). But I stayed committed and 2 years later ran 100 miles in under 25 hours.

That year I finished the 100 milers, and I ran over 2500 miles. The two questions I get most about that journey are:

Q1: What do you think about when you are running that far?
A: Running, mostly.

Q2: How did you run 100 miles?
A: I got committed.

If you are looking for ways to play in that zone beyond the definite but not quite the impossible, we should talk. Get in touch with us here. I know a thing or two about the commitment I can help you with.