Struggle is Part of the Process: Embracing Coaching

My buddy (and amazing coach), Jeff Kinsey, and I had dinner last night atop a pile of rocks in the woods. We had a glorious view of the Indian Peaks range, west of where we live along Colorado’s Front Range.

I always enjoy my time with Jeff because he is not only a great listener but someone willing to be vulnerable with his own experience. This is a trait that, I believe, is becoming less and less rare among the fellas… but we have a long way to go.

That’s why it’s always so refreshing to hang with Jeff. I know he’s going to lay it all out on the table, encouraging me to do so as well. This freedom I can practice with him without fear of ridicule or judgment and take everywhere in my life.

Jeff encouraged me to take a 14-day challenge to up my journaling game. To spend a bit more time writing about the thought, “Right now I feel…” and see what comes of it.

I had a conversation with another group of open fellas last week where we were discussing this very topic. Without authenticity and vulnerability allowed to shine through, are we rob others of a real relationship with “us”? I think so. And as much as we (fellas especially) have been trained to quash these instincts when we are inauthentic, we are actually not only being untrue to ourselves but those around us as well.

None of this is what I journaled about today.

Today’s journal included thoughts of “okay-ness” (everything is going to be okay), and how little the Stu of 5:15 on July 27th, 2022 resembled the Stu of a year ago. A month ago. Even a day ago. How wonderful the journey on which I embarked 50+ years ago is playing out. One moment at a time.

I reflected a bit on the idea that “No one NEEDS a coach,” but how much I cherish the progress I have made since investing in one (well… several).

I started slowly – often as a resistant participant in my own experience with coaching. I fought it at times, struggling to find my footing. I tried therapy and made a bit of progress there too.

And as I got more practice with just *noticing* and paying attention to who I *BE* in every moment, I got better at it (go figure). As I got more at-bats and took more swings, I got better at noticing. And noticing is the first step toward transformation.

And here is a new truth:

Everything exists as a resource for creation.

I am a work in progress.

And my work is infinite and ongoing.

If any of this sounds like you, we should talk. Get in touch.