Obstacle or Opportunity – Perspective Switches for the Win

Last night, our pellet stove started acting up.

I ran through some troubleshooting and thought I had it resolved by about 11:00.

When I woke up at 4:00, it wasn’t working. And our wee cabin was CHILLY.

So I started working on it again.

I could have gotten frustrated or angry.

But I made sure to see this as an opportunity:

To problem solve.
To help fix a situation that was bringing discomfort to others.
To use my brain and my hands to tinker.

After running through all the “normal” causes of the outage (essentially, the stove would run for a while, then burn out), I tried something out of the box.

After taking all of the pellets out of the hopper, I discovered a piece of cardboard that was jamming up the auger.

Problem solved.

So, why did I share this today?

Because we all have the ability to shift our perspective in any situation.

Sure, I didn’t want to wake up at 4 to a cold house.

I didn’t want to spend the first hour and a half of my day dinking around with my pellet stove.

Instead of getting angry, I embraced the challenge and the opportunity to problem-solve.

I chose to embrace and appreciate how things are and to view the challenge as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

You will likely run into some challenges today.

When you do, remember this:

Challenges are opportunities.

You are exactly where you should be.

You are doing your best.

And you are not alone.

Where in your day today can you shift your perspective?