Not Doin’ It For the ‘Gram – Engrossing Conversations Trump Social Best-Practices


I have been meaning to test whether adding beautiful photos of the Colorado landscape taken during some of my favorite meet-ups improves my reach on LinkedIn.

I’ve heard that the sharing of scenic vistas can lead to greater post views, interactions, and engagements.

And this Tuesday’s “Some Ned Dudes” meet-up was definitely one from which a glorious photo could have been shared. (SND is a group Jeff Kinsey and I started a few months ago to bring people together to wander around in the woods and have deep, meaningful conversations.)

But here’s what happened… I was so engrossed in conversation with two beautiful humans (Jeff and Clayton Olson) that I completely forgot to document the moment with photos.

We went deep, talking about life, navigating hardship, what we would ask a genie if we could have one wish granted… I was so focused on our talk that I COMPLETELY forgot to take any photos. (Thanks to Townsend Wardlaw for the genie thought exercise, by the way.)

So I’ll try to paint a picture for you. There are three fellas having a heartfelt conversation cliffside. We have views to the west of an approaching storm and the sun setting over the jagged Indian Peaks Wilderness. Some snowfields are still visible in several east-facing drainages. To the east of our location, rocky bluffs and the Denver/Boulder plains can be seen. There’s a light breeze and we are enjoying dinner and beers. Below us, a lush drainage is falling into shadow, making the trees and undergrowth appear ripe for bear habitation. A seasonal creek still flows gently through the willows. The three explorers are surrounded by an expansive forest and Nederland’s Barker Reservoir can be seen in the distance – reflecting the crags of nearby peaks in its waters.

Maybe that will make up for the lack of photographic evidence.

The conversation certainly did.

Want to join us to see for yourself? Drop Jeff or me a line.