Falling Up: Failure Breeds Growth and Learning to Celebrate

Leaders are an interesting lot.

Collectively, we have all had a LOT of success in our lives, so we tend to have the mindset that success is not only inevitable but that it’s expected.

This contributes to a couple of challenges.

1. We rarely celebrate wins.
2. We tend to think we’re going to knock everything out of the park – not only the first time we give it a whirl but every time.

Here’s the deal. Growth comes from failure.

There’s a saying in skiing, “If you aren’t falling down every once in a while, you aren’t pushing yourself enough.”

The same holds true in every aspect of your life.

So get out there and push some limits. Celebrate wins on the regular (however routine they may feel). Celebrate failures too – that’s where learning happens.

If any of this sounds like you, give us a shout.