Embracing Change: A Mindset Shift to Help Conquer the Unknown

Fork in road sign

If there’s anything people hate more about the way things are, it’s change.

See, change can be scary.

We all get pretty comfy with the status quo, even if it sucks.

Because we’re familiar with how things are. We know how to “do” what got us to where we are today and even if we aren’t happy with it, it’s a known entity.

If working long hours, sweating over money constantly, arguing with your loved ones (or never seeing them because you are always stuck at the office) has worked to get you “here”, then it can be pretty easy to just succumb to that system of operation and keep rolling with it.

If someone came to you and suggested there might be another way, we all have a natural tendency to fight against that. “But I know how to do it this other way! I don’t know if this new approach is going to work or how to do it!”

Yup. I’ve been there.

When I started working with Townsend Wardlaw on changing my BEing to improve my life, I fought it. Take my relationship with money, for example.

I was raised to believe that monetary success was only achieved through hard work and constant toil. That money was scarce and hard to come by and if you DID get ahold of it, you better beware because it will be taken away from you in an instant.

So that’s how I operated. The person I was BEing around money was one who saw it as scarce, hard to get, and easy to lose.

But Townsend challenged me to see things a different way. To BE a person with a different relationship with money. He coached me to consider the idea that money was abundant, flowed to me freely, and was easy to come by.

And after fighting that idea for a bit, I tried it out. And you know what? It worked. I stopped worrying about where the next chunk of change was going to come from and started living with an abundance mindset. And it’s vastly less exhausting.

And here’s the deal…

I can always go back to living that other way. Trying on a new way of BEing isn’t going to screw up that other way of BEing. The scarcity mindset is still available to me if I decide that I want to go back to it.

(And here’s the funny little secret – I DO go back to it all the time. Shedding a way of BEing that you have been living for 40+ years is not a straightforward process. But when I see that I am BEing from a place of scarcity, I notice, laugh about it a little bit, and shift back to abundance. I am a work in progress and my work is infinite and ongoing.)

So I would encourage you to embrace change. You can always go back to the old way of operating. If any of this sounds like you and you would like to learn more about how to shift your BEing to a new system, get in touch.