Clarity in Communications: Ditch the Acronyms

group of people discussing and taking notes on a wooden table

My business partner, Bret Orton, is helping me get better.

In a wide variety of ways, he helps me see my defaults, adjust my focus when I get too carried away chasing the wrong thing, and just does a fantastic job of helping me see the way when I’m in a fog.

Right now, he’s helping me work on my alphabet soup.

See, I am an acronym guy.

And often, my correspondence has the tendency to fall into that acronym trap.

Acronyms may seem handy and helpful, but much of the time they just force people to have to think harder.

Since I am working on this myself, I notice it more here on LinkedIn.

I recently saw a post talking about the LTV of DTC brands and how their CAC and CPC rates keep going up, decreasing the ROI of their PPC campaigns (or some such nonsense).


You may have heard me talk about the value of clarity over cleverness.

If you are forcing your audience to translate acronyms throughout your posts, you aren’t following that rule.

Make it easy for me to read your message and get value as quickly as possible.

Ditch the alphabet soup.

Let us know how you maintain clarity in your communication and handle the ‘alphabet soup’ by dropping us a line.

Share your experiences and insights, and contribute to the discussion on creating more straightforward and impactful business messaging.