Build Your Community

The mountain view we came across during our hike.I set out at the start of 2022 with a mission to create an opportunity for fellas to get together on a regular basis to spend some time in the outdoors getting comfy with our thoughts and who we BE. With the help of Jeff Kinsey, “Some Ned Dudes (SND)” was born in February ’22 with the intention of bringing guys together every couple of weeks to work on what’s inside – outside.

I’m SUPER proud of what we have accomplished so far since its inception.

A few months ago, a great group of 6 fellas got together to hike up Caribou Hill west of Nederland. We started our walk with rain threatening and were quickly treated to a light drizzle just after getting going.

There were no complaints, however, and the skies soon parted as we made our way up the hill.

In Colorado’s high country in the fall, one is treated to changing colors all around and last night featured gorgeous patches of aspens, fantastic views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Continental Divide, and a spectacular sunset.

The conversation wasn’t too shabby either ;).

It’s a treat to have put together a regular meet-up where fellas can discuss a wide variety of subjects without fear of ridicule or judgment. Topics ranged from health and wellness to business and coaching, to love and relationships. I was thrilled to hear how helpful this time outdoors with others with whom thoughts, questions, and ideas could be shared openly and freely was for everyone.

Thanks to Clayton Olson, Jourdan DuFort, Stuart Motola, and Josh Many for making it out and being open, vulnerable, and authentic.