5 Things the World’s Most Effective Inbound Marketers Do

Inbound Marketing

Seventy percent of marketers are lacking a consistent or integrated inbound marketing strategy. If your business is in the majority that will increase spend on content and inbound marketing in the next 12 months, figuring out ways to differentiate your digital content should be your priority.

The world’s most effective inbound marketers gain thought leadership and audiences through continual commitment to quality and doing things just a bit differently than their peers. Join us as we review the inbound marketing tactics that helped propel Neil Patel, Ann Handley, Marcus Sheridan, and other content luminaries to success.

Neil Patel Headshot

1. Create Long Articles

Neil Patel famously writes in-depth, data-driven analyses of topics, which has compounded his reputation for quality content. He’s a firm believer that “longer is usually better” when it comes to blog posts, citing research that blogs over 2,000 words tend to rank the best in search engine results. Length matters, but so does your substance, research quality, expertise and tone. Write blogs that are long enough to provide value.

Marcus Sheridan Headshot

2. Develop a Distinctive Voice

Few bloggers have a more distinct voice than Marcus Sheridan, also known as The Sales Lion. Sheridan’s trademark tone is casual, irreverent, and more than a little bit intense. Not only has developing a distinctive voice allowed Sheridan to establish a successful career as a content expert, but it has also helped him connect with his target audience of pragmatic, driven marketers.

Ann Handley Headshot

3. Establish Thought Leadership

Ann Handley is the unofficial queen of content marketing. She’s been a visible thought leader for over five years, and frequently serves as keynote speaker at industry conferences. Handley’s career was propelled, in part, by her commitment to establishing thought leadership. This has included the publication of two bestselling books that serve as a de facto guide to content marketing.

Jay Baer Headshot

4. Explore New Mediums

Content marketing platforms are quickly evolving, and the most effective marketers aren’t afraid to try new things. For example, Jay Baer publishes long-running podcasts on social media, storytelling and other topics. Fearlessly explore new ways to connect with your ideal customers.

Joe Pulizzi Headshot

5. Define a Tangible Brand

Even business bloggers can develop a tangible brand. Anyone who’s spent much time engaging with Content Marketing Institute is well aware that its founder, Joe Pulizzi, is a huge fan of anything orange. Branding, including multi-sensory details and some quirks, can lend a personal element to your content.

Establishing a position as a inbound marketing thought leader isn’t easy in any industry. By modeling your content and approach after some of the most successful bloggers and marketers, you can earn a following and position as a thought leader.