Pro Tip: When to Pitch in a Webinar

Webinars are all the rage.

And for good reason… when executed well, they can be a fantastic way to get your audience on board with the solutions you provide to help improve their lives and deliver valuable resources to set you up as a genuine thought leader.

You may have created a couple of great webinars that were well-attended and seemed to connect with people. You even received comments in the chat during your session that indicated they really valued what you were teaching.

But you didn’t get as many sign ups as you expected.

It could be due to the way you sold your ask.

One pro-tip for webinars is to pitch your ask twice during your session.

Most people wait until the end to give their prospects the “hard sell” on the ask.

A better way to navigate your ask is to pause mid-way during your presentation to tee up the call-to-action and seed the product, service, or thing you want your audience to do before you have delivered 100% of the value you are providing. Even just teeing up the final ask mid-way is a great approach. It could sound something like, “At the end of today’s webinar, I am going to provide details on how we can work together in a bi-weekly coaching capacity to build pipeline. This monthly investment is normally $1500 but we are offering it to you today for $1000.”

This does a couple of things:

First, it leverages the power of repetition, which is a handy trick to keep in your back pocket whenever you are discussing the ask. People have pretty short attention spans and need to have things hammered home a bit to make sure they “get” what you need them to be doing.

Second, people are wary of the proverbial sneak attack and the first time they hear an offer, they are usually on guard. So presenting your ask in the middle, then again at the end can work wonders to break down natural barriers that we all put up.

So in your next event (on- or off-line), give the mid-stream ask a try and let us know how it lands.