KPI Cadence: How often should performance be measured?

Measuring Performance - Garmin Sports Watch

I was running with a friend recently and my GPS watch beeped, signaling we had completed another segment of our journey.

“That wasn’t a mile, was it? Seems WAY too early for that.”

“Nope,” I replied. “I have it yell at me every half-mile.”

See, another good friend of mine (and vastly more talented runner than I) gave me the tip years ago to adjust my settings to provide performance feedback every half mile, that way I would have more time to make adjustments to my pace to stay on target.

But getting feedback on the half mile gives me some time to adjust my pace to nail the full mile target pace. I’ve increased the feedback (measurement) frequency to increase my odds of hitting my overall target goals. And performance feedback frequency becomes even more important when you are spinning shorter cycles.

This holds true in business as well.

So if you are running a short-cycle goal, consider pulling performance stats on an even more frequent schedule than you normally would.

This will provide you the ability to make adjustments before it’s too late to matter.

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