Get It Together: 3 Tools to Help Schedule Your Next Meeting

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If you are like most busy professionals, booking meeting time can be a challenge. Trying to get several people’s calendars to match up for a common block of time can seem damn-near impossible. Fortunately, the world in which we live is truly an amazing place – technologically speaking – and a wide variety of tools exist to help relieve the pain of trying to manage the working professionals’ busy schedules. Here are three you should check out to help book your next meeting time.

Google Appointment Slots

For those who use Google’s Calendar, there is a handy mechanism called “Appointment Slots” that allows one to share calendar blocks with other individuals. This easy, free system enables you to provide bookable time slots on your calendar and share these with others so they can select a block of time that is mutually convenient. Since it is integrated with your Google Calendar, it requires no additional integration and is free to use.


Calendly is a great calendar booking system that offers a variety of features that expand upon Google Appointments including team scheduling, group events, notifications, and a slick, easy-to-use interface. Calendly offers a free version and a more robust, premium package for as little as $8/month.

The new kid on the block (actually so new, there is a waiting list to get into their beta program), promises to be the disco super-fly system of appointment collaboration. introduces “Amy,” your virtual personal assistant who takes over the duties of ping-ponging emails to find and book a mutually agreeable time for your appointment. The future is now.

Booking an appointment just got a lot easier with these three tools. There are plenty of others out there. Give these apps a try and hopefully the time you spend sending those scheduling emails back and forth will become much more efficient.