Advice from the Entrepreneurial Front Lines: Hand It Off

If you aren’t good at it, and don’t enjoy doing it, then get someone else to do it.

“Man, I suck at this,” I thought to myself for the zillionth time while trying to futz around with our books. Not only that, I definitely wasn’t enjoying myself. I knew that I wasn’t being as effective as I could be in this particular role within our business, but had postponed hiring for this task set for years – grinding away on a monthly basis and not loving every minute of it.

As entrepreneurs – particularly at the onset of our journey – we fall into the DIY trap. Not only because we lack the resources (revenue) but often the wherewithal (requisite experience) to know how to fill a specific seat within our org chart with confidence. Sure, we can get things done… but at what cost to our businesses?

The bookkeeper position was one that, at the time, I didn’t feel comfortable offloading to a contractor. Frankly, I didn’t know how to even start the process – in part because I mostly was winging it myself. How could I confidently hire someone for a position for which I was not particularly well-versed? I did know, however, that every hour I spent struggling with the books was an hour not spent working on those items that would drive true value to our business. Plus, a professional could probably knock it out in a quarter of the time.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

I am sure you have heard that adage rear its head from time to time in a variety of forms? After having the conversation with myself, my business partner, myself 92 more times, and several trusted entrepreneurs who had journeyed down this same path before me, I finally managed to commit to the decision. I asked for referrals, hired a bookkeeper, and have not one time regretted that decision. It freed up a ton of my time not only in not doing of the process, but not fretting before and afterward as well.

So your homework for today: list all of the tasks you accomplish on a daily basis and pick the top 3 that you hate and create a plan to offload these to an expert.

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