The Value of Coaching

I finally connected some dots recently and my epiphany was this: I can reach my full potential when I recognize the value of coaching. Here's why.

Ever have something sitting right in front of you but you can’t (or won’t bring yourself) to see it?

And once you do see it, it’s such a “duh” moment you kick yourself for not being able to recognize it until now?

I finally connected some dots recently and my epiphany was this: I perform at my peak when I have a coach.

I used to be a competitive cyclist, an ultra-runner, and a semi-decent (in my age group, at least) marathoner. When looking back on those activities and seeing where I didn’t meet my desired goals or sustained injury, it was always when I was trying to go it alone – plowing forward without a coach to help guide me.

The times I achieved my utmost successes – competing at nationals, finishing 100-mile running races among the top of my age group, and running pretty fast marathons injury-free – were always when I had a coach on board to guide my efforts and celebrate my achievements with me.

The same can be said (for me) in both business and life.

When I have a team in which I am invested on board to provide feedback, hold me accountable, and push me to my limits without breaking – I perform much more strongly than when I fly solo.

So whatever you are seeking in life: to be a more effective leader, build your business to a target revenue goal, run your best race, be a better husband, be able to see (and stay on) the path to your dreams, help your kids navigate the world more effectively… a coach can help get you there.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching or be introduced to some great mentors and coaches to help get you there, drop me a line.