Slight change of heart – iPad

Though I still feel that the name, “iPad” is truly awful, after meeting up with an old friend and colleague yesterday, my overall thoughts on this product have changed a bit. See, Scott is a media guy and one who, when we first met, really didn’t like Apple products at all (Interesting combination, I know.). He is now firmly on board with the Apple brand and even talked at length with me yesterday about the iPhone, his Mac Mini to AppleTV home theater network and, yes, his desire to get an iPad ASAP.

Scott sees the iPad as perhaps the perfect media device. It is highly portable, yet large enough to take the place of a laptop – especially when tethered with either a wireless keyboard or using the keyboard dock. It should have a remarkable display and can be shared quickly and easily with other users – check out this kickass thing I just found (flips display around to show buddies). And, well, it is a move in the right direction, in his mind, for an “always accessible” device that has many practical applications. And… it is relatively inexpensive, opening the market to an even wider audience. Compelling arguments, for sure.

One question we were left with was in relation to creating apps or websites to work with the iPad. With access to Wifi and 3G Networks, and the argument could be made that apps will be less meaningful in the future as connectivity expands and gets more speedy. What do you think – will apps become obsolete?

So overall, I am becoming more sold on the product. The name, however, is still pretty rotten.