Creating Time

What if you could create time? Actually manufacture more time out of thin air?

It’s an interesting concept – especially given the relationship most of us have with time.

Lately, I’ve been changing my relationship with time through a variety of experiments. It’s a work in progress since even the concept of time is abstract, on some levels.

The first step is to be thoughtful about what activities I choose to invest time in pursuing. As I have started to understand where my time is best invested and focus on what matters most, I am able to create a lot more time for myself (and others that matter to me). As I let go of those activities on which my time is not needed, less valuable, or simply unwanted, I create time for those activities that bring me the most joy and transfer the most value to others.

Second, when I have selected a focus for my time, I work on being entirely present in that moment – dedicating my fullest attention to that singular instant – to ensure that I can expand the time by experiencing it fully. Often, we feel time is wasted or fleeting simply because we aren’t giving our full attention to the moment we are living right now. We get stuck in reminiscing about the past or thinking about the future – letting the moment we are in now pass without our full consideration and attention. When you stay in the NOW, time expands.

When you let go of activities that aren’t important, you create time.

When you invest your full attention in every moment, you expand time.

What’s your relationship with time and how can you create more of it for yourself?