5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website (That Works)

5 Reasons Businesses Need a Website

If your business doesn’t currently have a website, or if your business website is getting long in the tooth, it’s time for a change. Having a website for your customers to access and learn about your company is absolutely integral in today’s world and is expected by customers in almost any industry. A quick look around the web should reveal that a vast majority of your immediate competition already has a website and is reaping the benefits of creating a presence on the web. For businesses that are on the fence about investing in a website, there are a few reasons to establish yourself online that you may not have considered, no matter what industry you are in.

1. It’s Expected by Customers

The simple fact of the matter is that having a website is expected by customers in 2016. They expect that they will be able to type your company name (and location) into Google, find your website, and learn about your business before doing business with you. Additionally, if you’re in a service-type industry, customers want to be able to read reviews from previous customers and get an idea of the level of service that they can expect from your business. When customers are unable to find your business online, it adds a certain level of skepticism and that can directly affect the revenue that you are able to generate.

2. Attract New Audiences

Without a website there will be a large swath of the population that you simply will never be able to reach. A website is great for getting your business in front of interested customers, and without one you are relying on old outdated methods for reaching audiences, when a large portion of the population only uses the internet to discover new businesses. Having a website can present an amazing opportunity for small businesses that are looking to expand into new markets and audiences.

3. Establish Your Brand as an Authority

By having a website and publishing excellent content that is related to your business or industry, you establish your brand as an authority. This can have ongoing benefits in the way that your business is perceived by other brands and customers within your industry. In the same way that an information newsletter through direct mail can help to keep your brand in front of customers and establish you as a source of information that your customers will continually come to for advice about your industry.

4. Create a Sustainable Revenue Source

The most obvious reason that most businesses need a website is the fact that it allows them to grow their business and can provide you with a continued, sustainable source of revenue. By offering your products and services through your website, you will make sales to customers that otherwise would not go through the effort to buy from you if you did not have a website. By establishing a presence on the web, you can create another source of income that helps you to grow your business and take it to the next level.

5. Networking and Brand Partnerships

One often overlooked benefit of having a website is that it will make you more accessible to other brands all over the world. This can help your business to develop powerful partnerships with other companies that can help your business to grow. By getting your brand in front of other influential brands, you will be able to grow your own network and find more opportunities for your business to grow.

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