Ep 50: Creating success at the intersection between marketing and communications with Ashley Desrosiers and John Russo from Seaside Sustainability.

If you’re a long-time listener, you may remember when we talked with Eric Magers, the Executive Director of Seaside Sustainability a few months ago. 

At the time we had a great discussion about Seaside’s unique perspective around stakeholder engagement to drive their mission. 

There was SO much good information in that episode, but we barely scratched the surface! 

That’s why this week we decided to return to Seaside Sustainability and chat with Ashley Desrosiers and John Russo, two of their marketing advisers. The goal was to dive a little deeper into how Seaside navigates the intersection between marketing and communications. 

Ashley and John have put a lot of effort into engaging stakeholders in the Inspire phase of their journey to help spread the Seaside Sustainability mission and create engagement with like-minded audiences. 

They’ve also done a great job of creating systems to develop and nurture relationships with interns who help fuel engagement and outreach.

Seaside interns work as functional teams who are empowered to become integral components of the bigger system. In this way, the organization paves the way for each successive group to pass expertise and institutional knowledge on to subsequent teams and to engage and communicate among cohorts. 

This episode is full of great ideas and ways for nonprofits to thrive at the intersection of marketing and communication. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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